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Who are we

Binary Banana is a game studio created to build what we love the most. Supported with many years of professional development, over a decade of hands-on experience and too many hours of admiring someone’s else work, we finally got to the point where we are sure that we have the right team, right skills and sufficient knowledge to redefine game industry.



Everyone can argue about tools, quality or resources but at the end, beautiful product with right feel is what matter most. We are aware that design is an essence of any man made products so we put a lot of effort to ensure that each element plays together.


In our studio we follow latest trends staying flexible with technologies and platforms. We build games in both native and cross-platform tools targeting Windows, Android and iOS. Covering the widest spectrum of devices is our ambition.


We spend a lot of professional time to explore, learn and experiment on both technical and artistic aspects of game making. We mix ideas, styles and passion to develop games that are unique, amaze and catch attention.


  • Smart AR Home

    Smart AR Home is the app that lets you manage your smart devices in your home using augmented reality. Available on Google Play and iOS.


    Stealin is a fast paced strategy game about conquering new territories! Use the most advanced tank to recapture the land and bring back the peace to the world! Extremely engaging and hard to complete. Available on iOS and Android.

    Roman Empire

    Fast paced strategy game set in an ancient Rome. More than 1 million downloads, 16th place in the game category on Windows platform and in first 100ds most downloaded apps on Windows Phone Store. Featured dozens of times and brought to the spotlight by Available on Windows Phone, Windows Store and soon on Google Play.

  • Square Me (Colorblind)

    Puzzle game that trains your reflex and color sensitivity at the same time. It is a different version of Square Me that was adjusted to colorblindness. A special care was put on choosing colors to balance the scale of difficulty.

    Tips Calculator

    Simple and indispensable tips calculator for everyone who prefer to enjoy the time with family and friends instead of doing math in the restaurant. Split the bill feature will let you divide the costs equally among all parties. App available on iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch.

    Pi Race

    Do you ever wonder how many PI digits can be memorize by a human? Find it out by taking challenge in PI Race. This game was inspired by National PI Day and become a wildly known tool for learning the sequence of world’s most important constant.

  • Dice

    Beautifully designed random number generator for board games players. It uses oscilloscope to mimic dice rolling. It’s our the oldest product and back in 2010 was among first few phone applications that become available on Windows Phone Store!

    Bullet Clock

    A great tribute to the Boolean algebra. This clock displays time both in binary and analog way letting you forget of passing time. Bullet Clock was recognized by Windows Store buyers by receiving and keeping highest rate in its category!

    Square Me

    Color choosing game that will trick your eyes. Broadly known also as the puzzle game that made a hit twice! Game is available on three marketplaces and was natively developed and publish to Windows Phone, Google Play and Windows Store . It was spotted and recognized by


  • Team Member


    Co-Founder. Software engineer by day and deep sky enthusiast by night. Responsible for keeping things up and running.

    Team Member


    Co-Founder. Adviser and dreamer

    Team Member


    Office cat, friend and innovation trigger. Loves to test software manually and meows on bad quality code.

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